Who are we?

JAM ON BREAD is our favorite snack

Also, it’s our decentralized CNFT marketplace that we built here in Vacuumlabs because we love NFTs, we love Cardano, and over the years we got really good at building for Cardano.

As we value a “build first” principle, we’ve been quietly developing this platform for the past six months without announcing anything publicly.

Our main goal is to create a marketplace that is lightning fast, easy to use, and completely secure. We believe we’ve fulfilled this goal and made a marketplace that’s a joy to use.

We ❤ CNFTs

We value the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, and that’s why we’ve also been helping other big players among CNFT marketplaces by notifying them about critical exploits we found in their smart contracts. We especially liked the reaction of Blakelock from jpg.store, who managed to notify users immediately and was very kind to us. Thanks!

But why put the JAM on the BREAD?

Well, it just makes the bread better.

It’s the same with us. We wanted a better marketplace so we built it ourselves. And, what’s more, we added all the functionality that was missing in the Cardano ecosystem.

What was missing was the option to filter NFTs, so we built it into JAM ON BREAD. All collections can be filtered by traits and price and sorted in multiple different ways, making them discoverable like never before. The detail page of an NFT offers a table with traits of the respective NFT, where each row is clickable and leads to a list filtered by that specific trait.

We wanted the most secure marketplace in the ecosystem, so we went ahead and built it. Thanks to our deep understanding of Cardano’s eUTxO model, all exploits are avoided. We’ve tested all possible hacks on our contracts and iterated until we were sure of their safety.

We have no time for spinning loaders, so we made the fastest marketplace we could. The speed of our platform speaks for itself — see what we mean at jamonbread.com. Quick loading of all NFT images from all collections makes our marketplace also usable as an CNFT explorer. The images we display aren’t limited to ones that have interacted with our smart contract in the past.

One more thing: we don’t like to pay fees when buying low cost NFTs. At JAM ON BREAD, you won’t pay any fees for any sales under 50 ADA.

Vacuumlabs …sounds familiar, right?

It should, as we’ve been part of the Cardano ecosystem for years. We’re the group behind the AdaLite wallet, the great WingRiders DEX, NuFi’s new multi-chain wallet and the Cardano applications for Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

We understand the Cardano blockchain better than most, and our smart contracts are battle-tested and reviewed by the most experienced Cardano developers. It’s our mission to prove that Cardano is a capable and competitive network, and we’re striving to create the best products that will attract users from other blockchains.

There’s much more to come

Visit project.jamonbread.com to see the features we’re implementing next. We’ll keep building until we have the functionality that we and our users want.

In the near future, we’re adding offers and auctions.

We’ve already developed smart contracts and we’re now testing and reviewing them. After we implement this functionality on both the backend and frontend, you’ll be able to make offers for NFTs or entire collection floors, and participate in auctions that utilize the security and convenience of smart contracts.

As auctions are much more complex than instant buys, there needs to be a thorough smart contract security review performed, which we are working on right now. After we finish offers and auctions, we’ll add an option for smart contract-powered NFT swaps.

What else? Oh yes, rarity ranking! That’s right, built into the marketplace.

Note: To interact with the JAM ON BREAD marketplace, you need to have Nami or CCVault wallet extension downloaded.

We want your feedback! Go to jamonbread.com and play around with your collection. Explore listings, discover new collections and come let us know your opinion in our Discord or Telegram. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for that weekly dose of juicy alpha.



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